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About The Bakery

Cambera Farm & Bakery is a woman owned small business run by Cori Antignani. She runs both the commercial bakery and a small goat farm based in Columbia, CT.

Cori began her bread-baking journey in 2012. Her roomate, {Mariah Brittain} had captured a live yeast culture and they started experimenting with different recipes to create the perfect loaf of naturally fermented sourdough bread.

After selling goat milk soaps and homemade fruit jams at multiple farmers markets, Cori quickly realized that there was a high demand for fresh-baked 'real' bread. She started with 4 different flavor options and expanded from there.

Today, thanks to many loyal customers, what began as a side hustle to support the goats’ eating habits, has evolved into a full fledged baking operation.

Our Breads

At Cambera Farm, we strongly value sustainability and supporting local communities. We compost all of our food waste and use compostable packaging for all of our bakery products. To reduce our carbon footprint and support our fellow small business owners, we use simple ingredients like King Arthur flour and source fresh ingredients from local farms as often as possible. 

Our signature products are simple-ingredient, naturally-leavened sourdough bread loaves that come in a variety of rotating flavors. With classic, sweet and savory flavor options, we’re sure to have something you will love!

Loaves of sourdough breads.
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